Kinangop 2 acres prime land for sale

About The Property

We have a prime 2 acres agricultural land on sale in Ndunyu Njeru, North Kinangop along the newly tarmac Naivasha Kinangop road just after Murungaru and before Ndinda center. This land sits approximately 500mts off tarmac in an easily accessible area via both private and public means. Its has a gentle slope and a dam at the rear end of the farm. Ready title, price 1.2m/acre. For more information and viewing, kindly call us on 0725 664 715

Other Agricultural Parcels of land for sale include

1. Ndunyu Njeru 10 acres land on sale, sitting 500mts from tarmac, ready title. @1.2m/acre.

2. 10 acres in Mumui area, about 4kms from tarmac @1m/acre

3. 2.25 acres in Kitiri Engineer @1.2m/acre

4. 6 acres in Memo Murungaru @1.2m/acre

5. 1.5acres in Sasamua Njabini @2m/acre

6.5 acres Kwa haraka ,3kms off tarmac @1.3m/acre

7. 20 Acres Kirima ,Kwa Wangu ,2kms off tarmac @1.2m/acre

Among others.

All with ready freehold titles. For more information and viewing, call us on 0725 664 715

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About The Property Agent: Joel Mwangi

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