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Thika Maboromoko 1/2acre Plot for Sale


Maboromoko estate sits along River Chania directly opposite Blue Post Hotel next to Maki estate along Thika Gatanga road.

Its an exclusive estate, with just one access road to and from the estate and at the entrance thereof sits Ndururumo Police Station.

Now, in this estate ,we have a prime 1/2 acre plot, flat and with red soil that is up for sale .
It sits in a corner, next to developed properties ,which comprise of single middle class dwelling units. In fact, some of the well-to-do individuals and businessmen/women in Thika and the surrounding towns reside in this neighborhood.

The plot is well served with motor-able roads, power and piped water from Thiwasco.

In terms of documentation, this property has a lease title that is readily available for scrutiny and has no encumbrances. A copy of the deed plan is also available on request.

The price on the other hand is slightly negotiable and the payment terms can be discussed to suit both the seller and the buyer.

All said and done, the Englishmen said that seeing is believing ! Book a date and come see .

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