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Property Management

Developing a rental property is one huge task that calls for a lot of effort, consistency and attention to detail in order to bring out the desired outcome.

However, without proper management standards in place, managing a rental property can seriously frustrate your efforts of getting consistent return on investment. That’s where we come in.
Our packages are structured in such a way that, you, as the investor will appreciate your efforts and laugh all the way to the bank hassle free.

Our work involves prompt filling up of vacant houses, drawing and issuing lease agreements , maintaining proper records of the property, advising and supervising repairs , property cleaning and maintenance* and finally but not the least, timely collection and remission of rent.

Property Sales

Property buying and selling is no mean feat. It requires a keen eye to see what you aren’t being show, an attentive ear to hear what is not being said and an analytical mind to analyze the whole process to your advantage without putting your investment into jeopardy.

At Enjoy Properties we have made it our business to assist all our clients to identify, invest/buy and/or sell their properties with ease.
To the sellers , our services include advertisement/ listing, site visits,
negotiations and closing such that our clients gets the best possible return on investment.

To the buyers, whether a seasoned investor or a first time buyer, we ensure that you get the best deal for your hard earned cash with ease. This involves helping you to identify your dream property, market research and analysis, background and official search as well as arranging finance.

In conclusion we normally ensure that it’s a win-win situation to all of us whether you are buying or selling. Try us today and see the difference. 

Support Services

All said and done the real estate sector requires a lot of collaboration with the different players in order to get the best out of it.
Towards that end, we at Enjoy Properties in consultation with other
important stakeholders and partners advise our client on various real estate issues ranging from property investment, conveyance, project financing, project management and development, environmental impact assessment, Interior designs, sales and marketing.